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21 day parenting workshop- starts 1st July
Connect with your kids without resorting to yelling & mom rage.

Why do you need this parenting course?



  • When children ignore what we say

  • When they refuse to help with anything

  • When our frustration has no impact on them

  • When they no longer want to be around us

  • When they say we don’t care about them

  • If you feel you are always shouting or hitting your kids

  • When we are not able to control our own anger

Rahela and Shreya
What will I learn in this course 


  1. How to connect with your child by building everyday habits in just 5-10 min everyday

  2. How to talk to your kids so they listen

  3. How to set boundaries

  4. How to control your own anger

How will the challenge be conducted?

1. 21 tasks which take 5 mins per day

2. 1 webinar - learn all about connection and how to implement in daily life (live session, recording will be given)

3. 1 webinar - learn all about managing you anger (live session, recording will be given)

4. WhatsApp group to share, vent and learn through everyday conversations

5. Lifetime WhatsApp support group.

@⁨Rahela⁩ @⁨Shreya Mitra⁩ thank you so much for today’s call and guidance in this entire journey of 21 days , giving us motivation and strength to face all the issues. I now can say that I’m changing for the better as I have realised many things . . Thank you to all Blessings to all. This connection challenge has made me mentally strong , giving me confidence that yes it’s possible to become a gentle respectful parent . My words are never enough to convey my gratitude to Shreya and Rahela ma’ams you both have saved me . I was in a dark place, you guys have brought light to my life. Thank you once again ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Dr Vaishnavi (dentist)

Our Team.

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