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Self Care Workshop 

1)  5 min tasks 

2) 3 online meditation and pranayama classes by a professional yoga trainer.

3) Breathwork guidance by a trainer for anxiety & stress relief

4) Focusing on decluttering the mind & reducing overthinking

5) Learning coping tools through detailed journalling & CBT worksheets

6) Taks, discussions and reflections to handle difficult conversations with spouse, and in laws.

7) A dedicated whatsapp support group to discuss all your personal troubles and worries.

8) 2 group calls.

9) Tasks to improve your gut and physical health.

10) Journal prompts 

Starts 15th June

40 day workshop

Shreya is a saviour for many moms out there who struggle to juggle their kids, husband, inlaws, work and overall well being. I joined the January self care workshop and also bought the Mom Rage workshop video which helped me gain different perspectives of life, of people I deal with.
I've become a calm person comparatively. I've learnt to respond, not react. Shreya teaches us different ways to deal with our trigger and trust me theg help a lot.
I feel lucky to have followed her page on Instagram and joined her workshop.
I feel helped, heard and cared in the group.
I would definitely recommend you to join her workshop.

Aishwarya Kamble, India

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