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My pregnancy- An emotional roller coaster for 9 months- Part 1

Updated: Jun 28, 2023

Well, I had a planned pregnancy and life was perfect. I had just cleared the Bar Council of India, and got my license to practise. Life was good, when I found out I was pregnant in April,2016, but that was the only good thing that happened in that entire year.

Soon after within 15 days, my grandma passed away. Growing up with her, I had this unsaid wish that she could meet my baby. She was 91 and lived a happy life so I found it easier to accept.

Soon after that, I ended up with a nasty ear infection that left me deaf in my left ear for a month. Meanwhile, amongst all of this, my mother started to fall sick. While I was recuperating from my infection, my mom got diagnosed with Cancer.

It was the biggest shock of my life. I was 3 months into my pregnancy and those were 3 eventful months.

Every month something really tragic happened, until the year ended.

Let me know if you want to read more. Share your pregnancy journey in the comments below.

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