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Start your day with your kids with these statements.

Being a toddler mom , I understand that bedtime and mornings can be stressful, but as someone who is working on being a calm and respectful parent, I strongly believe that how you start your day makes a difference.

Connecting with your kids when they wake up, makes them feel loved and wanted.

Here are some prompts that may help.

1) Good morning little one. I love to watch you sleep.

2) I love being here when you wake up. I enjoy cuddling you.

3) What do you plan to do today?

4) Hold their palm, hug them and tell them you love them.

5) Once they are fully awake and you are done cuddling, tell them about the routine for the day. Prepping them helps in lesser meltdowns.

6) Playing music when they wake up- I vouch for this especially on school mornings.

I know putting such things in your regular routine may be difficult, but its a good time to start, isn't it?

What are your morning rituals? Would you like to try some of these?

Let me know.

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