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Can parents be blamed for a child's attempt to suicide?

TW- Suicide

Parenting is a tricky journey. As a parent I know I am trying my best but sometimes the methods may be toxic. The parenting behaviour may be unacceptable, but as parents dont we feel " We are always right?

Let me share a real story here today about a 20 years old who has attempted suicide multiple times.

She was diagnosed with severe depression when she was in college, and was on medication. She hid it from her parents because they think 'mental illness means pagan , 'mad'. She was brave and informed to understand that it is a disease and not a sign of weakness. However due to lack of funds, she informed her parents who called it overthinking, dangerous medication, and things she didnt need.

She wanted her parents to come, she was finding it lonely to survive and she was highly suicidal. Her parents termed it as a call for attention. That was her first attempt to commit suicide.

She again went back to her doctor, with symptoms aggravated than before. They called for her parents, who came, heard , but after 7 days of being supportive called it an excuse and told her to quit and come home. She refused.

To stop her from taking meds, her parents sent less money. She started taking tuitions to support herself to cover therapy , medication and her life. Fast forward to a vacation at home, where people being around her made her feel better. She told her mom the same and they stopped her medication.

She started to sink, but thoughts of self harm were not present as before. She requested for medication but she was denied by her parents.

She went back to her place and attempted again. Next day she went back to her doctor who told her to get admitted. Sadly, her parents didnt support. She could not be admitted. She walks for 10 km to take tuitions so that she feels tired and gets some sleep but she doesnt.

She tries to meditate whatever little she can, but gets told by her parents - YOU DONT TRY TO GET BETTER.

She was told ' ab aisa din dekhna pad gaya", and gets termed 'pagal".

As someone who has been through this invisible deadly disease, it can be fatal if not treated on time. This 20 year old is one of the bravest I have come across. In spite of she being called pagal, she told me " I know it's just a disease but I need people. Since she's severely depressed and her medication is strong she is not allowed to administer herself to avoid unfortunate incidents, and she has no body to that for herself"

So , I come back to my question-

Who is responsible for this? The lack of awareness? The parents? Their unwillingness to understand? The presentation of the disease being invisible and thus making it 'attention seeking behaviour?

Take care of your kids. When they talk listen.

take their mental health seriously.

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