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I wish I had a life like them. They are so lucky.

Updated: Jun 2

Let me share the incident that led me to talk about this. I was scrolling through Instagram and came across Virat Kohli's videos & how the media has gone crazy ever since he's returned to India. I was discussing this with my husband, and was about to say ' He is so lucky', when I paused.

It reminded me of a close friend who saw a picture of me as a new mom with my family and said " You have the perfect life, I wish I had a life like yours.". In that life, my mom was fighting cancer.

In that life, my son was born with clubfoot.

In that life, I was suffering from Postpartum Depression & my marriage, relationships was far from perfect. It was all crashing down. I doubt one would want my life, with all of this. We like the good we see in other's life and wish for that, but if you focus the good in yours and practise gratitude as a ritual, you will find a lot of good in your life to romanticize.

The thought of "Virat Kohli is so lucky", reminded me of this. He is away from family and his new born.

He has 0 privacy thanks to our media.

He is working and what we see on social media is 15 seconds of his life.

He may have the best fan following but like he says " Family is everything where I get peace". It was a moment of realisation. Too bad my husband had to pause his movie and listen to me jabber jabber, but he ended it saying " I like how you think". Hope this helps you to reflect on " the practise of gratitude". Water your own grass to make it green. If you liked reading this, do let me know.

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