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Connection over Correction Challenge- Starts 1st July

Tired of yelling and feeling disconnected from your kids? Struggling to make them listen or focus on their studies?The 21-Day Parenting with Connection Challenge is YOUR solution!

Why do you need this parenting course?

  • When children ignore what we say

  • When they refuse to help with anything

  • When our frustration has no impact on them

  • When they feel disconnected to us

  • When we find ourselves yelling all the time but get no results

  • When we use anger as a tool to get them to do things

What you will learn?

  1. How to connect with your child by building everyday habits in just 5-10 min everyday

  2. How to talk to your kids so they listen

  3. How to set boundaries

  4. How to control your own anger

How will the challenge be conducted?

1. 21 tasks which take 5 mins per day

2. 1 webinar - learn all about connection and how to implement in daily life (live session, recording will be given)

3. 1 webinar - learn all about managing you anger (live session, recording will be given)

4. WhatsApp group to share, vent and learn through everyday conversations

5. Lifetime WhatsApp support group

Connection Webinar - Recording available

  1. What is connection

  2. Why our kids get disconnected from us

  3. How you can form a better connection

  4. How you can influence your kids with better connection

  5. Live Zoom call - Recording will be given

Mom Rage Webinar - Recording available

1. Learn how to break cycles of shouting and hitting

2. Learn to manage your anger 

3. Anger management techniques 

4. How to be mindful when triggered

5. Live Zoom call - Recording will be given 


Thank you @⁨Rahela⁩ and @⁨Shreya Mitra⁩ for the 21 day of awakening and making us more conscious parents. I personally enjoyed doing the tasks. We had done a few of these things and continue to do so and will definitely continue to do so in future as well. But I guess the most impactful aspect of this group and challenge was for me to become more and more conscious of my actions and my response to my child and her behavior. I am grateful to you for taking this initiative - it’s a difficult journey, especially for mothers as the society makes it our sole duty to raise good and responsible kids, so there is an unsaid pressure that all of us take. Thank you for bringing us together. We haven’t met each other, but i am sure we all feel more connected to each other after these 21 days. More power to you two and to all ❤️👏🏼🤗




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