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Failing as a toddler mom and a trying to be gentle parent.

Well, gentle parenting didn't come to naturally.

It came to me after a lot of angry behaviour, regret, and a feeling that I was repeating childhood patterns. It all started when my son was 2, and I was yelling at him for something so trivial where he ended up going to the bed and sniffing and crying.

That visual is something I still remember today , but that was the day I was determined that " I need to change." I didn't like the angry, emotionally abusive parent I was becoming.

I was raised in a strict household, where love was there so was fear. I really didn't have any example of respectful parenting that I had observed while growing up except for my friends in my college life. They were sensible , sorted and had the most beautiful relationship with their parents. Where there was no fear. Where they were respected even if they were younger.

I liked that. I wanted to be that.

But, I found myself failing every alternate day.

I also was diagnosed with PMDD around the same time. I was recovering from Postpartum Depression, and we had a two major moves around that time, worst of all Covid hit.That made it worse, and I was scared my PPD was coming back

I got into therapy and that changed my life. Turns out I was doing nothing but mothering all day. I had lost myself, and I didn't even know what I liked. That was the beginning of my self growth journey.

It been 5 years and I feel happy to say, my monster mom days are over.

I have learnt to respect my child.

I have to learnt to accept no for an answer.

I have started seeing my child as an individual.

Most importantly, I feel like my parenting ego has been put to rest.

It took me years to get here. It doesn't mean I am a perfect mom and I have no bad days. I do, but its not like it used to be anymore.

So, here's a message for you- If you feel like a shitty mom, and have a lot of angry days, ask yourself are you doing anything for yourself? If you have anger issues , how are you working on it?

Whatever you plan to do, make sure you are consistent.

Feel free to leave your experiences as comments.

If you need help, join my workshops for transformation.

For reference of professionals, DM me.

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