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Realising I am becoming a 'helicopter parent'

Updated: Dec 13, 2023

Truth be told, I do struggle on some days as a mother, but not so much in the past 4 years ever since I learnt to manage my anger better. It's more of discussions, arguments and fixing. Just the way it is supposed to be.

Today as my son turns 7, I realise I am headed towards becoming the parent , I told myself I wouldn't be. It's been a month and I found myself getting into more power struggles than ever. He acting out, me taking criticism that 'gentle parenting' is not for boys or Indian kids personally and my son's actions as my failure.

Until while journalling and reflection I realised, that nothing will stop a child's developmental behaviour, and trying to exercise control and power will result in power struggles.

I found myself talking in a tone I wouldn't like being spoken to, having unrealistic expectations from him, giving empty threats and not sticking to boundaries and then playing the mom card to discipline him.

Wanting to be in control as a parent is just what a child doesn't want a parent to be.

We’ve all had our Helicopter Parenting moments.

Pacing around the tall slides at the park, arms extended like Frankenstein or

Helping your toddler stand up after they fallen down. Or at the library trying to convince another child to share a book that your son or daughter wants.

But, it has been a realisation, that one month of this behaviour has to end here.

That I have to work on setting effective boundaries with a 7 year old like a 7 year old. That the old rules are not effective for a 7 year old.

Parenting is a learning curve, and I so grateful to Instagram and my inner self work, that identifying my behaviour has become easier. That I no longer feel " I am always right"or get stuck in the mom guilt zone, because nothing ever happens there.

You have to analyse, accept and change.

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