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Recovering from Postpartum Depression

Postpartum Depression was a blessing in disguise. Going through it was very hard, and I still feel scared thinking of those years, but the recovery and life I live today is far better than I have ever imagined for myself.

I won't lie that:

There was a time when I didnt believe my life would ever get better.

There was a time when I felt misunderstood, lacked motivation & purpose.

That I was full of resentment.

That my mind and heart was at war. Yes, that is what Depression does to you.

But, today this is what recovery looks like:

From being unable to bond with my baby to feeling that love .

From being angry and resentful to finding my inner calm and peace.

From feeling sad & crying all day to being able to label my thoughts and reflect.

From feeling stuck in the vicious cycle of negative thoughts to be able to break those thoughts.

With every year passing by, I feel my experience with postpartum depression has helped me work towards improving my quality of life. While I felt I had lost myself as a new mom, today I can say " That I have found myself. That I am living the life I had dreamt of"

This year has been nothing short of miraculous. While my professional life may have not seen the growth I expected, my personal life is where I grew. The discipline and consistency in self work and mental health shows in my daily life, where I am better at being mindful, conscious and find it much easier to have difficult conversations and apologise.

I gave myself some goals at the start of the year, and I have ticked all of them off.

So, if you are a new mom and find it hard to balance life, give yourself time, and try to take out time for yourself. If you still find it hard, try therapy.

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